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In each life some rain falls but you also get some sun

we'll make out better than okay, hear what I say?

Jasmine Michelle
28 February 1983

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Date Created:2003-12-11
Number of Posts: 1,274

Jasmine is a complete nerd. She spends too much time holed up in her bedroom eating ice cream or potato chips and either on LJ or playing the Sims 2. She really needs to get a life.
Strengths: She's smart, funny, easily entertained, loving, friendly, diverse, creative and driven.
Weaknesses: Too sleepy all the time, tends to dive into things head first without thinking of the consequences.
Special Skills: Mother. 'nuff said.
Weapons: pointy knees and elbows. And a TONGUE OF FIRE! You never know the nasty things that gonna come outta this wench's mouth!
Family On LJ: darthsmileyone, bettyg, todays_ducky

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Warning. The author of this journal is bipolar. Mood swings with a single bad word. Or good word. Either way.

I'm sarcastic. I'm smart. I'm funny.

Religiously, currently I am trying to find out what I believe. I considered myself Christian for a long time...but now...I just don't know. I'm leaning towards paganism. Not sure what flavor, but I know I believe in some sort of deity/Deities and think there is divine in everything around us. Any hints or paths to point me down? email me. :)

Who you'll hear about most...
My husband Brian. darthsmileyone.
And my daughter Kiernan.

Me and Kiernan on her 3rd birthday.

My daughter at 2.5 with my best friend and the sister I picked, Tiffany.

Kiernan again. :)

She stacked that up all by herself!

Her 2nd birthday.

Me with 4 of my favorite men in the world... My brothers Jon, Larry, Me, Husband Brian, and baby brother Jacob on July 23, 2005.

Body/weight I aspire to regain. That was May 2004 when Brian and I were first dating.

Kiernan's first trip to chuckie cheese with Uncle Jacob.

Kiernan with her Daddy.

Just one of my favorite pictures...Kiernan learning to wash dishes.

A bitty bitty Kiernan and her Daddy with no beard.

She really was that small.

I'm a skeptic about a lot of things.. and am always willing to learn something else. I don't claim to know everything and god knows I don't...But I try. :)
I like body art and stuff.... I have *had* 22 holes in my body. ears...and nose lip and eyebrow pierced. I can still GET earrings in most of 7 in each ear but really only occasionally wear 3 in each. My eyebrow piercing is closed but I wear the nose and lip daily. I also have a purple Celtic heart tattooed on the outside of my left calf. I have two more designs for tattoos... one will go on my other calf...that will be a Celtic rose with a leaf for each of my grandparents.... and the other is this really cool looking Pisces symbol which I'll put on the small of my back. Which..yeah. I know that's gonna hurt like a mofo. So?

We are moving soon. Very soon. WEE!


Marriage is love.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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